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Research suggest chronic conditions in a child will become a chronic condition as an adult. For adult there is maybe 10, 20 years of suffering. But for a child, you're talking maybe 50, 60 years of suffering. 

**Nutrition and physical activity play a major role in preventing & eliminating disease in the United States today. **

Improper nutrition and lack of physical activity leads to a variety of debilitating diseases that can last a lifetime. 

Chronic conditions now affect 15 % to 18 % of children and teens, and even those estimates may not fully account for obesity and mental health conditions. The top 3 chronic health conditions for kids are obesity, which affected 5 percent of American children in the early 1970s but 18 %of children today; asthma (9 %prevalence, nearly double from the 1980s), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (a dramatic rise). Childhood diabetes is one of the prime results of rising obesity rates, which in turn result from more sedentary behaviors and poor diets.

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