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Breakfast is important and the 1st meal of the day, it is key to the growth and development of children.  It provides energy, essential nutrients, and Improves alertness, concentration, mental performance, mood and memory.  

A Well Balanced Breakfast contains 3 components & is served in portions:  

1 cup of Milk, 

1/2 cup of 100% Juice

Fruit or Vegetable

Cold Cereal 



Lunch is an important mid day meal and  is a good source to re-energize the body.  Recent studies have shown that lunch

is important in communities when school is out. Without a nutritional lunch, children miss out on the fuel they need to reach growth benchmarks.

A Well Balanced Lunch is served in portions & contains each of 5  components: 

1% Milk - 1 Cup

Meat / Meat Alternate - 2oz

100% Juice or Fruit or Vegetable (2 servings)

Grain / Bread 1- Serving



Dinner is equally important in the lives of children to grow and be strong. Research suggest that many children do not have access to healthy options when school is out.  That is why we go the extra mile to provide nutritional meals, because  children should not have to go to bed hungry. Well Balanced Dinner is served in portions & contains each of these components:

1% Milk - 1 Cup

Meat / Meat Alternate - 2oz

100% Juice or Fruit or Vegetable (2 servings)

Grain / Bread 1- Serving



A Well Balanced supper is served in portions & contains 3 of the food components.



 A Well Balanced snacks is served in portions & contains 2 components of the food groups.

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Healthy eating is essential to the growth and development of our youth.


Healthy Kidz Food-service was created to provide access to nutritious food and options to children residing in under served communities. We are dedicated to giving youth a fighting chance against hunger, disease and trauma, where they live, worship, play and practice.

Healthy Kidz Foods is excited to partner with projects that provide activities and safe places for children to learn & grow.

By partnering with us you will be providing children nutritious meals, freeing up food purchasing funds for other programs and helping struggling families stretch their food budgets. Starting May 1, projects serving youth, ages 5 - 18, living in under served communities are welcome to apply for this Fresh, Healthy Food Access Opportunity.

Who can Apply for this Opportunity

After-school & Summer programs, run by schools, churches, community residents and or community / service organizations, Youth Clubs, Sunday Schools, Mentoring programs and Vacation Bible School.

Organizations that may not have children's programs, but have the capacity, willingness and ability to run Summer camps & After school programs for children.



Applicants who are able to answer yes to all questions below will be given first  consideration:

1. Is your project located in the State of Illinois Area? 

2. Is your program an actual location where activities can take place and meals or 

    snacks can be served? 

3. Will you be providing all activities and meals at no charge & to children only ?

4. Do you offer all program services without regard to race, color national origin, sex, 

    age, or disability?


· Operate a minimum of three times per week / or one -time special events

· Serve at least 1 - 2 meals per day to children during your program's meal service

· Maintain a safe and clean environment for proper food storage and 

  meal service

· Supervise the meal service and maintain daily meal records to be 

  submitted daily.


  The meals are provided at no cost to participating sites 

Join Our Team

When you work with us, you join not only a team but a network of professionals and volunteers dedicated to uplifting the community with quality evidence based programs. We provide healthy alternatives to youth and families to build a healthier tomorrow for all.

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H. K. Food is an equal opportunity provider & employer.